Wooden feet and legs, Wooden furniture components Grča

Family company Gabrovšek Grča d.o.o. was established in 1994 with the purpose of reviving solid and quality built parts of furniture and currently employs 11 workers.

The company is specialized in production of furniture components such as wooden legs for sofa facings, chairs and tables.

For the last couple of years we are also providing some decorative items and kitchen accessories. More than 80% of our production we sell to customers in Western Europe and export oriented customers in Slovenia are our customers on domestic market. 


Vision of the company

Our ambition is to use natural sources - various types of wood which grow in Central Europe such as Walnut, Oak, Beech, Maple and Ash. To improve our production we are always using advanced machinery which enable us to meet customer's requirements regarding shape and surface treatment.

The company is also aware that quality of our products is not sufficient for our customers. The JUST IN TIME deliveries and short production time is as important as quality for majority of our customers.


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GABROVŠEK - GRČA, proizvodnja in trgovina, d.o.o.

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